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Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream

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Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream.

Our Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream works fast healing your cracked hands and feet. It penetrates deeply, moisturising your skin and is non greasy so you don't even know it's there.
It's also waterproof so protects your hands from getting chapped.
This is a major breakthrough if you're one of those people who've suffered so much in the past. You needn't suffer any longer!

"Just to let you know that the Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream has worked wonderfully on my dog Tiny's feet.They were horrendously cracked and within a week they are totally healed. He was a very good boy and didn't lick the cream off, even though he hated the smell of lavender in it!He can now go out and walk on tarmac without getting sore feet! Thanks so much".

* 7g tub, 57g tub, 114g tub, 228g tub, 228g hand pump

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