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Topspec Linseed Mash 20kg (Local Delivery Only)


Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and volumising their feed.
Linseed Mash combines the best of traditional knowledge with modern technology. Rich in linseed and oatbran this mash contains just 12% starch yet the scattering of flaked maize and flaked peas lends a mix-like appearance to this irresistible mash.

The typical ingredients in TopSpec Linseed Mash are soya hulls (GM), full fat linseed, linseed expeller, unmolassed beet pulp, grass, high fibre oat-by product, micronised flaked maize, oat bran flakes, wheatbran, molasses, micronised flaked peas, wheatfeed, mineral premix.
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