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Bio Link Bio Shield 5lt Concentrate


Bio Link Bio Shield 5lt Concentrate
BioShield is broad spectrum and effective against viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and fungi. It is active in the presence of organic matter and can be used effectively in both hard and soft water. The special foaming properties of BioShield give not only a rapid action, but a longer-lasting contact killing time than normal conventional disinfectants. The unique combination of glutaraldehyde and cocobenzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride works synergistically to achieve the optimum bio-secure environment.

Recommended Dilution Rate:
General purpose application 1:100
Foot and Mouth Disease 1:85
Swine Vesicular Disease 1:225
*Disease of Poultry Orders 1:155
High foaming properties
Potent prolonged effect
Effective in the presence of organic matter
Effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi
Effective disinfection of all classes of livestock housing
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